Can I use “Britons” in data reports


Maybe it's just me, but I mostly see people using "British people" or "the British" instead of "Britons". Therefore, I wonder if Britons is used in data reports. For example:

The number of Britons falling into the 30-to-40 age group has increased.

Best Answer

Sure, if you want. There's nothing pejorative or insulting about the word "Britons". However "British people" is probably more common.

Remember the issues about naming of nationalities. Not all Britons are English (many Scots and Welsh). Not everyone living in the UK is a Briton (many Irish). Moreover, many British people are immigrants or the descendants of immigrants. "Briton" is sometimes used (in context) to mean the people that were living on the island 2000 years ago, before the English arrived from the continent.

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