“depend on contexts” or “depend on context” or “depend on the context”


When I want to say an expression (or expressions) means different things in different situations, should I say which of the following (I assume a context won't work)?

  • The meaning depends on (contexts, context, the context).

For other examples:

  • "I'm sorry" has different implications, depending on (contexts, context, the context)
  • It depends on (contexts, context, the context) which of Expression A and Expression B is more appropriate.

There may be, again, contextual factors that affects whether the context is appropriate, but mainly I'm thinking when I answer questions asked in the generic setting (like Does expression X mean such and such?).

Best Answer

"context" or "the context" would be equally acceptable. The word is treated as uncountable.

In this case I don't really see any difference from adding the article. Omitting it is a stylistic choice. It makes the sentence a little more terse.

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