Learn English – 1. What GB hard disk do you need ? – and similar wordings


If i am a shop-keeper and someone walks into my shop asking for a hard disk. And i want to ask him 'how many gb hard disk does he need' How should i ask it ?

  1. What GB hard disk do you need ?
  2. How many GB hard disk do you need ?

My questions are –

  1. Which is the correct way to ask this question ?
  2. Are there any instances where 'how many' is used like in this example (Because GB is a number)

And if i am a customer and i want to know what is the highest gb hard disk that is available in the market. Would you please also frame this question for me ?

Best Answer

I would skip referring to "gigabytes" entirely:

How big a hard drive do you need?

And if you are a customer, you ask

What's the biggest drive on the market?

To my (AmE) ears, it seems odd to ask about the number of gigabytes; the thing I'm interested is the size of the drive, and I'd only talk about that until it comes time to specify a number.

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