Information can’t take an s


I suggested an edit which was rejected by 2 reviewers. I don't know why it was rejected but it could be because I removed 's' to 'informations'.

Does this mean that information is always a mass noun? Apparently other languages treat it as a count noun (cf. German die Informationen, etc.). Why not English.

This question was closed as a duplicate, but the "duplicate" it linked to (which was also closed) had a single answer that was, in essence, "just because." That isn't very helpful.

Best Answer

Information is almost always a mass noun for native English speakers.

You can't say "multiple information" because "information" is never a count plural form. If you treat it as a count noun, its plural is "informations" (as others mentioned, that has some use, even though it's infrequent and many speakers don't like how it sounds).

The preferred method of making a plural when talking about information is to use a measure word: "multiple pieces of information". It's like furniture: English speakers normally say "the room has three pieces of furniture in it" rather than *"The room has three furnitures in it".