Learn English – 1 o’clock in the morning OR 1 o’clock at night


Could you help me on this? In my native language I would speak about the "night" starting from around 11 pm till 4 in the morning. So every time I see an English phrase like "2 o'clock in the morning" I get confused.

Best Answer

Actually, its a bit confusing because even in English, both (morning and night) could be correct depending on the context.

Firstly, its fine to say that 11PM to 4AM is night time, because the sky is obviously dark outside and visibility is almost non-existent.

But its also correct to say "2AM in the morning" because all the international timezones consider 12:00 AM midnight to be the time when the date changes. And since by definition, morning is the time when a day starts or begins, its perfectly fine to say "I'm writing this answer at 2AM in the morning" because the day (17th June) has just started two hours ago.

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