Learn English – A good word for people who always seem to make bad choices in life and invite constant drama


Is there a good word for describing a person who seems to always make poor life choices and thus lives in a virtually constant state of drama and disarray? In slang terms, I would think of someone as a "hot mess" but I am looking for a non-slang term that perhaps does not carry (as much of) an implication of insult.

Another way to describe such a person would be to think of the "Classic California blonde stereotype" where the person may be extremely attractive, have access to plenty of money, but seemingly incapable of running his or her own life successfully.

The intended use for this word is as a "general category" for a type of person who would be in need of life coaching or other life advice.

The most options seems to be available through urban dictionaries, but as I wrote, I would like a proper word, not slang.

Thank you, in advance, for any suggestions.

Best Answer

A general term for this type of person could be dysfunctional, one of the definitions of which is "deviating from the norms of social behavior in a way regarded as bad". A dysfunctional person doesn't have their life in order, which can manifest in any one (or many) of a variety of ways - making poor financial decisions, an inability to keep a job, or having unhealthy personal relationships are a few examples of dysfunctional behavior. This seems like a good fit as a less colloquial alternative to "hot mess", and is equally non-specific about what, exactly, is going wrong in the person's life.