Learn English – A more polite/formal way of saying “contact us, we will get back to you”


I'm doing some language correction for my mom's company website. While my English is much better than hers, I'm not a native speaker, and I've never really focused on business English in my studies. I'm rewriting a short introduction to the company, and I came across a sentence that basically means "contact us, tell us what you want, we'll make you an offer asap". So far I have

"We will get back to you with our offer in the shortest time possible."

For some reason, the "We will get back to you" part strikes me as not very formal. It feels colloquial. It doesn't seem to fit with the style and and the level of formality required by the context.

I may be wrong about this, it's just a hunch. Again, I'm not a native speaker. So is there a way to say this more politely? Or is this form acceptable?

the answer to the other question suggests I use "contact you". And since the preceding sentence reads "Don't hesitate to contact us", I'd end up with "contact us … we'll contact you", which is just bad stylistics.
Another suggested answer is "reach out" but again, this doesn't have the right connotation (of back-and-forth) with regards to the preceding sentence. I realize now I should have included that sentence in the original question. So really what I need is to transform "Contact us, we'll get back to you" to "Contact us, we'll […]", […] being the more formal version.

Best Answer

The whole problem disappears if you use a more exact verb:

We will present our offer to you as quickly as practicable.

Respond would also fit well.