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As the title suggests, I'm looking for a verb whose definition is "to give/assign meaning to", "to define a function of", "to invent a use/meaning for" or something close. This might be a little vague, but I hope I can at least get some guesses or stabs at it.

On a similar note, are there web searches that allow for finding words given their meanings?

Best Answer

From the Urban Dictionary: Semanticate

v. tr. (from the adj. semantic); the intended meaning (implicit or explicit) of an individual’s communication; that which is trying to be communicated by an individual.

When I speak of ‘freedom’ I do not mean the bland and passive ‘freedom from’ commitment or responsibility that is too often semanticated.

The word is also well defined and used in Computer Science.

From the Semantic Web: "... reads the first paragraph(,) takes the first sentence, and semanticate(s) it as the principal attribute ..."

SVN Code

namespace semanticator {
public class Semanticator {
    private AssemblyDefinition semanticatedFile;
public void semanticate(string fileName) {
        string ontologyString = sourceCodeSemantics(fileName);
        addOntologyToAssembly(fileName, ontologyString);
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