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I need the correct English word for someone who provides a service.

The word "service provider" seems obvious but it is not correct. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a service provider should be defined as an ISP. According to Wikipedia, a service provider is not a person but a company.

There should be a word for a person who provides a service (such as cleaning your house, fixing your car, teaching you a new language, taking care of your pets, etc.) which is the context where I need this word. A sample sentence:

If two persons (working for the same company) provide a service for me at home, then there are two ______.

Best Answer

If you employ a person and pay them a regular wage or salary, they are an employee.

If you negotiate a contract with an individual to provide a service, with that person billing you for services rendered, that person is a contractor.

If you hire a company to provide you services, the people working for that company are employees (or sometimes contractors) of that company and contractors from your viewpoint.

The general term for any of the above is "worker".

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