Learn English – “a quiet head”? I need a more natural sounding equivalent


I am racking my brain for a solution to this. I am translating a text discussing a long-term project performed by a bank. In this case, the bank is very worried that it won't achieve all of the project's milestones in time. So it didn't approve any summer vacations for its employees, and it funded and created a private summer camp for their children.

The boss is now saying that the bank created this camp so that the employees can work "with a quiet head" (that's the literal translation – I need something more idiomatic. The basic idea is that the workers will be able to focus on their work without having too many other problems or distractions to deal with…).

Any creative suggestions are more than welcome!

Best Answer

So that the employees may work through the summer with peace of mind.

This assumes, of course, that the bank isn't holding the children hostage in the camp pending the successful completion of the project.

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