Learn English – A single word for “Someone who cannot say no to anyone asking for help.”


I happen to be this type who always finds it hard to turn down someone who asks for my help.

You know, like when people ask to borrow some money, ask to take them to see a doctor, ask to help with English (I'm a nonnative speaker), ask to teach them some difficult subject, and anything. Moreover, this type of personality will not turn down one's request even if they are in a difficult situation themselves.

I don't think that the word kind or nice or selfless would be suitable for this.

I read this too, but the word altruist is used to describe someone who never asks for help, not for someone who can't say a "no" to someone else who asks them for help (which means that they may frequently ask for others' help too).

Besides, I don't know whether this is a negative or positive personality. So I can't figure out the right word to describe it.

Do I comprehend this in a weird way?

Best Answer


pushover - a person who is easy to overcome or influence: Colonel Moore was benevolent but no pushover


patsy - a person who is easily taken advantage of, especially by being cheated or blamed for something


soft touch - (informal) a person easily persuaded or imposed on, esp to lend money

Of the three, the last is probably the most positive (at least in US usage). The other two suggest gullibility.