Learn English – A single word meaning deep love of reading


Not bibliophile, or really anything "biblio-" because that means a love of books, which might mean a collector or someone who loves the books themselves, but not necessarily their content. Also, not words like bookworm, because they refer to the person who loves reading, whereas I'd like a word that describes the act or state of loving to read.

Best Answer

There is the word bookish:

fond of reading; studious

and bookishness for the fondness of reading:

the quality or condition of being bookish

The word has other connotations as well but I think this word is the closest single word you can get for this meaning.

As I mentioned in the comments, lectiophilia would be a suitable neologism for the love of reading if we follow the path of bibliophilia (and such words suffixed with -philia). Lectio means reading in Latin. In the end, it can always be used as a nonce word.