Learn English – A single word that means “mental reaction speed”


I'm searching for a single-word descriptor that means "mental quickness", "mental reaction speed" or very similar with little additional connotation (unlike alacrity or wits).

EDIT: The word has to be able to stand on its own like an icon; I can't rely on context for meaning. It is an attribute for a table-top role playing game. The character will have a score or rating to represent how mentally quick they are that they will need to call up readily during a game. The word doesn't need to imply that their reactions are correct or accurate, only fast.

EDIT 2: The game is set in the mid-near future and is Post-Cyberpunk in nature. Any words that reflect that setting are especially helpful.

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Alternatives: Synapse, Neuron, Reflex

Since it's a one word name for a score in a table-top game, I don't think the definition has to mean exactly what the score represents, it just has to be memorable with the player and loosely correlated to the actual definition.