Learn English – A verb for performing foot tricks with a ball


Is there a word for when a soccer player does the kind of tricks where he would try to kick the ball with his feet into the air, catches the ball with his knee cap with another hit to bring the ball higher into the air, and then hit the ball with his head and so on?

I don't know how I can describe it, but it's a common move/trick that soccer players do. They would "play" around the ball with different moves.

I used to think that a verb for performing such actions is shuffling, and would say:

"The soccer player is shuffling the ball."

But now I think I'm wrong because shuffling sounds more for something else.

So, is there a verb for performing such an action?

Best Answer

The activity is called kick-ups or simply juggling. Wikipedia has also introduced me to a new term for it:

Keepie uppie, or "kick-ups" is the skill of juggling with a football using feet, lower legs, knees, chest, shoulders, and head, without allowing the ball to hit the ground.