Learn English – A word for “people who were born on the same day from different mothers”


What could be a word for people who are born on the same day but are not siblings?

I am creating a website and matching my college students who were born on same day. I need an appropriate or the closest equivalent word in English to describe that situation. A word or short expression that I could use as its domain name.

I'm not expecting the exact word for this situation, but at the very least it should be an appropriate and acceptable one, even a short phrase will do but its meaning must be comprehensible to visitors to the website.

I need a single word or combination of two words that should be very catchy for the audience.

Can anyone help?

Best Answer

I've heard the phrase "cosmic twin" be used for such folks. "Oh, your birthday is August 1, 1982? So is mine! We're cosmic twins!"