Learn English – A word for someone who is left-footed but right-handed


Most people are either right- or left-handed, or ambidextrous. This handedness is usually followed by the foot they use for kicking, meaning that a right-handed person is usually also right-footed.

Is there a word that describes someone who is right-handed but left-footed, or vice versa?

EDIT: I ask because I am right-handed and right-footed when doing something that involves my whole body (such as batting, archery, etc.), but am left-footed when it comes to kicking. What does this make me?

Best Answer

The terms cross-dominance, mixed dominance, mixed laterality, hand-confusion, and mixed-handedness are used to describe the use of different sides of the body for different things. Fans of board-sports might also be familiar with goofy-footedness.

In other words, the original poster could be described as cross-dominant.

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