Learn English – A word/phrase describing the sound of leaves


I have been describing a forest scene and there are only so many times I can use a form of the word Rustling.

Is there a word or phrase that can be used in place of this (It doesn't have to fit perfectly into place with rustles/rustling/rustled).

Any word or phrase that can describe the sound of:

  1. Something moving through leaves
  2. Leaves interacting with each other physically

Best Answer

Consider this lovely word, with its onomatopoeiac sibilance

susurrate, meaning to rustle, murmur or whisper

from the Latin susurrus for whisper.

From The Decline and Fall of the British Empire by Piers Brendon:

Especially alluring were the millions of date palms, with diamond-shaped striations on their trunks, golden clusters of fruit and an emerald whorl of fronds sussurating [sic] in the breeze.