Learn English – A word sounding like “weatherall” to refer to “someone who doesn’t have the courage”


I was talking to someone and used the sentence:

He doesn't have the weatherall to go sky-diving.

What I meant was that he doesn't have the courage, or the “cojones”, but I'm not sure what word was trying to come out of my mouth. I feel like I'm going crazy and a similar sounding/meaning word doesn't even exist at this point.

Possibly (but unlikely) it might be a part of a regional dialect (I'm from rural Australia – we just love messing up English), or a bastardization of “weather” (the verb obviously)?

Best Answer


Collins English Dictionary:

    necessary funds, resources, or equipment (for something or to do something)
    these people lack the wherewithal for a decent existence


    The money or other means needed for a particular purpose.
    ‘they lacked the wherewithal to pay’

American Heritage Dictionary:

    The necessary means, especially financial means:   didn’t have the wherewithal to survive an economic downturn.