Learn English – Addressing a formal letter to multiple people with unknown names


What is the most appropriate way to address a motivational letter for a graduate program? Multiple people will read the letter. How should I address it if I want to avoid the "To whom it may concern" phrase, and salute the female reader? Is it appropriate to write "Dear Madams, Sirs?"

P.S. Many of the salutation posts are marked as duplicates, or closed but I did not see this question answered.

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For posterity, here is the bounty message I wrote to get more attention to this question: "As a parent and taxpayer, I would like to address a formal letter (starting with "Dear") to nine members of my local Board of Education. This is an elected body and has a mix of genders. I don't want to have to write out all nine names. I am hopeful my situation is subsumed in this question. I am starting the bounty because the existing answers did not receive spectacular votes, so I'm unsure whether @Sanctor's [answer][1] can be relied upon. (The other existing answer only addresses a special case.)"

This was originally contributed by @JOSH. I was going to award it the bounty but I couldn't, because he removed his answer. So I have reposted it here

To address the members of a Board:

Dear Board Members

is an appropriate form you can use.