Learn English – Adverbs position in English: “place–manner–time” or “manner–place–time”


Wikipedia tells us that the order should be place–manner–time. However, this webpage tells that it should be manner–Place–Time. Which one is correct?

I have one sentence in two different orders:

  • No child should grow up in poverty in America in the 21st century.
  • No child should grow up in America in poverty in the 21st century.

Best Answer

In British English the standard word order for adverbs in end-position is manner-place-time(easy to remember as the initial letters are in alphabetical order m-p-t). However, to avoid too many adverbs in end-position and for emphasis I would suggest to put the adverb of time in front-position. This sounds much more fluent - although I must admit I'm German myself ;)