Learn English – An adjective or noun for someone who “has a lot of gall”


What would be a suitable term for someone who has a lot of gall or has the gall to? Specifically someone who has wronged you or yours, or taken something from you, and should be repentant (and perhaps, absent), but shows up and shows no remorse or shame. I’m thinking of something more specific than shameless (because that can have such varied applications, terms like like shameless self-promotion wouldn’t really apply).

A better example might be someone who has borrowed from you repeatedly, even stolen some money from you — and then comes back asking for a loan, with a smile. Is there a spot-on adjective for that person? Or a noun? (“He’s a ____; he asked me for another $100!”).

Best Answer

I would say such a person was brazen

1. bold and without shame.


For the example given:

He’s brazen; he asked me for another $100!

or more effectively:

He’s a brazen [expletive]; he asked me for another $100!