Learn English – An adjective to describe someone with strong interpersonal skills


I am writing a letter of recommendation for a student who has strong interpersonal skills. In order to list that characteristic in parallel with others of her strengths, I would like an adjective. Specifically, I would like to say: "She is academically excellent, hardworking, and _____."

I thought of the word "personable", but that means having a pleasant personality or appearance. If she were manipulative, I could describe her as "Machiavellian", but I believe she uses her powers for good. What I mean to communicate is that she is a good listener, communicates well, and has good social skills.


I chose not to use words like "sociable" or "gregarious" because I wish to emphasize her ability to communicate effectively in professional contexts. I am nominating her for a position that requires professional and academic excellence, not charm or even charisma. Think of qualities that would be admired in a great leader (of any gender).

Best Answer

All of your clues are about interacting with people. People make up a society. You got close with 'good social skills'. She is sociable.