Learn English – …Capital letter after period(s)


Excuse my terrible English knowledge, but I have been wondering this for some time already:
What is correct for the next phrase?:

And he was there. alone. sad. and crying…


And he was there. Alone. Sad. And crying…


And he was there, alone, sad and crying…

On the first and second cases, I use periods for separating the state of the subject. For some reason, I like it to give better suspense. Given the way I am using the periods, should I use Capital letters after them, or not? These periods are pretty much like commas…

… But maybe I am terribly wrong and should never use periods for such purpose? Should I always follow the third case? Just using commas?

Best Answer

I would write the first word after the period in capital case, as you did in the second sentence you wrote. The general rule of writing a word in capital case after a period is still valid even if you write a single word and then a period.

In those cases, the periods are used to give an emphasis to the single words. The pause when "reading" a period is longer than the pause used for a comma; for this reason I would not say the periods are like commas, in the examples you wrote.