Learn English – Cheering words for friends preparing for the exam


  1. What do you say to a friend who is preparing for the bar exam to cheer him/her up? I can only think of the sentence "keep up the good work", but are there any other phrases that I can use?

  2. In the above situation, if I also happen to be preparing for the same kind of exam, what would be the common cheering words that I could say to my friends? "Let's keep up the good work" sounds somewhat awkward…

Best Answer

Here are a few idioms you could use:

That last one might be a bit tricky for non-native speakers. The phrase was originally used in theater, where it's considered bad luck to wish someone good luck, so you'd say "break a leg," as a "backwards" way to wish them success. But the idiom has evolved to mean "Good luck!" in other ventures outside the theater, and is generally well-understood to be a way of conveying well-wishes.

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