Learn English – “Correct” way to describe “looking at someone with new eyes” or similar


I'm not a native English-speaker, so I'm not sure how to "correctly" phrase the following…

When you learn something new about a person, than makes you look at him "with new eyes" – and perhaps re-evaluate his previous actions (or rather your interpretation of them… a revelation that "tilts your world".

I have a few suggestions myself, but I don't know which one(s) – if any – would be "correct" English:

  • Seeing NN with new eyes.
  • Seeing NN with different eyes.
  • Seeing NN in a new light.
  • Seeing NN in a different light.
  • Seeing NN with open (or perhaps "opened") eyes.
  • …any other that springs to mind?

PS: I would prefer something with "eyes" – unless that would be totally non-English…

Best Answer

Look "with new eyes" - could be replaced with (rephrased to):

  • change of opinion
  • reconsider/rethink, reevaluate
  • give new consideration to
  • revise or renew one's assessment
  • etc.