Learn English – difference between implicit and explicit?


I have seen these words all the time in IT/Computer programming.

Examples: "How to explicitly render a template" and "do not implicitly assign to the local variable".

I am dyslexic and hard time to interpret the meaning of both words.

Best Answer

explicit means that it is expressly stated and made obvious -- overt/obvious/manual.

implicit means that it is not obvious, it is implied. hidden/assumed/automatic.

when i see "explicitly render a template", it usually means the request to render the template is there, as opposed to executed automatically and "implied to be executed".

"implicitly assign", I'm not sure exactly without more context, but the implication here is that the assignment is not explicit, it happens somewhere else, or by default....

in programming, implicit and explicit often carry a meaning which is almost exactly the same as 'automatic'(implicit) or 'manual'(explicit)

Let me know if that doesn't help