Learn English – Difference between “patrimony” and “heritage”


I'd like to know if there's a difference in meaning and usage between the words "patrimony" and "heritage".

I've noticed there's some overlapping between the two, but it's not clear to me how they differ. If I understand things right, heritage is not necessarily related to wealth. There's cultural heritage, historical heritage, natural heritage. I suppose the word "patrimony" isn't fit for these contexts, right? But when we are talking about wealth and money being inherited by someone, is it correct to use both terms? Are they interchangeable or is there a difference?

Thank you!

Best Answer

Just as patrimony and heritage have the following point in common - both signify something that you get from your predecessors - the two have a difference due to the specificity of the word "patrimonial". Patrimonial strictly means something that you inherit from a male ancestor, more precisely your father, whereas heritage is something that you get or inherit from the past, no matter from whom.

The word heritage has a broader sense of application, for example:

We shall always be grateful to the valuable heritage of our country.

Here heritage may mean natural heritage, cultural heritage, etc.

But patrimony restricts it to (usually), materialistic objects, wealth, etc.

Hope this helps