Learn English – Difference between “Registration” and “Enrollment”


I'm developing a scholar system which I have to support english(and others) language. This system haves an "Enrollment" proccess. I've called it as "Enrollment" after some research because I could not just translate from my native lang(pt-BR) which could give a different meaning to the proccess.

I was asked about the term, so I gathered some resources to prove the term was better than "Course registration" and I found this answer that haves presented me some other terms like:

application, admission, registration and enrol(l)ment

I would like to have an explanation about those terms to know which one is better in my case.

Best Answer

I have asked, and answered a similar question on the Information Security SE. I think my own answer probably applies here.

Registration is the process of establishing your identity with an institution. For instance accepting your offer of a place.

Enrolment is when you provide your details and select your courses. Sometimes this can take place at the same time as registration though it may take place as a part of orientation (certainly did in my own experience!)

Reviewing the relevant pages of various university websites seems to line up with this for instance Herts university (first one that comes up on a web search):

Registration is the process through which you:

  • agree to be a student member of the University
  • agree to abide by the University's regulations and to become liable for fee payments
  • enrol on the modules you will be studying during the year

Basically, the terms do have different connotations, they're not quite synonyms though conflated in practice. Your selection of the term enrollment however seems correct, if the students username and credentials are established elsewhere.

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