Learn English – Do I capitalize “sincerely” in a correspondence signature


I've been unable to find a consensus on whether or not one should capitalize the salutation before your signature in correspondence, email or otherwise.

For example:


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According to the Cambridge GCE , GCSE and iGCSE English Language Letter Writing Formats, it is recommended to write Yours Sincerely instead of just Sincerely. You should capitalize Yours in the Signature Block. . Here is an example:

Yours sincerely
Lee Poh Lin
Lee Poh Lin (Ms)
P.R. Manager

The International Business Letter Format recommends capitalizing Sincerely:

"Sincerely" is Capitalized.

Overall most letter formats recommend capitalizing "Sincerely". Also, if you are writing the letter on paper, it is advised to write the Salutation Block in a black or blue pen.

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