Learn English – Does “wobble” sound negative


I'm launching a project which I want to make big as possible. I want to find a name, but I'm not looking for any real meanings. This project is a web tool (Javascript prototype & API) so I want to give it an English name. The tool will have a lot of "~" key, so I'm trying to find a word that matches the representation of this symbole. This is how I came up with "Wobble", however it's maybe too metaphoric because "Wobble" doesn't really mean "wave" right?

Is wobble a negative word? Which word could match the tilde and which sounds positive beside "wave"?


Best Answer

This may be somewhat opinion based, but I don't think that wobble is negative-sounding in and of itself. I think it is fun and silly, in a good way - and it seems to strike the right tone for a web tool, as these often do have silly names (such as 'Pyjamas' or 'Mustache').

Positive meanings of wobble are found in the wobbling of a jelly, or a musical wobble board - and musician Jah Wobble chose it as a name that "people would never forget".

I would think that calling a software tool 'wobble' would only be negative if the tool starts to get a reputation for being unreliable - but of course you are going to make sure that doesn't happen, aren't you?