Learn English – English equivalent for “easily blaming the person you dislike”


In Malayalam/Indian, there's a saying "Istam illatha achi thottath ellam kuttam". It literally translates to:

You find fault with anything done by a woman you don't like.

It means that if there is someone you dislike, you are eager to find their faults or flaws.

What's the equivalent expression in English?

I already know about prejudice, but I'm looking for something more than one word, some expression/idiom commonly used.

Best Answer

The closest proverb I know of is Give a dog a bad name (and hang him). It is usually seen from the dog's point of view: once you have a bad reputation, you will be blamed for everything that goes wrong. But equally of course, if 'you' are looking for someone to blame, it is easiest to find somebody you already disapprove of.