Learn English – Expression for personality/lifestyle of somebody that likes to step outside of the comfort zone


This is maybe a difficult question. In my mother tongue we have a word for it, but I can not find anything similar in english:

How to describe a person/characteristic/way of life of somebody that enjoys life, tries out new things, goes to new places, is always curious etc. Simply said somebody that thinks and acts out of the comfort zone in daily life.
(And that does not have to be something major, could also be the small things in life)

Things I was thinking about are words like
adventurous, but that is so "big" and to me it implies that that person travels the world, but I am looking for something that could apply easily to somebody that decides to try out a new lunch place in stead of eating at home, just because. Or
a go-getter, but that is to aggressive
Or a way to describe the lifestyle, like 'having a happy lifestyle' or 'exploring lifestyle', but that is so vague..

Best so far: 'somebody that lives curiously' but I am looking for alternatives. Please help 🙂

Best Answer

An enterprising person takes on the adventures of life:


  1. ready to undertake projects of importance or difficulty, or untried schemes; energetic in carrying out any undertaking:

Business is in need of enterprising young people.

  1. characterized by great imagination or initiative:

an enterprising foreign policy.

from dictionary.reference.com

Its synonyms line up well:

  1. venturous
  2. venturesome
  3. resourceful
  4. adventurous

from dictionary.reference.com

Enterprising has picked up commercial connotations, but they are all closely related to the adventurous idea of its etymology:

"eager to undertake, prompt to attempt," 1610s, present participle adjective from the verb enterprise (late 15c.),

from the noun enterprise.

early 15c., "an undertaking," formerly also enterprize,

from Old French enterprise "an undertaking," noun use of fem. past participle of entreprendre "undertake, take in hand" (12c.),

from entre- "between" (see entre-) + prendre "to take," contraction of prehendere (see prehensile).

Abstract sense of "adventurous disposition, readiness to undertake challenges, spirit of daring" is from late 15c.

from etymonline.com emphasis mine

Enterprising captures most of adventurous with the added value of productive value and less of the daredevil connotations.