Learn English – “fine at your side” vs. “fine on your side”


What difference(s) do the prepositions below make in the meanings of the following statements:

I hope things are fine at your side.

I hope things are fine on your side.

To me the first one rhymes more with the area around the person while the second one with the person itself. What do you think?

Best Answer

At your side is used when referring to a position immediately to your right or left- as in

'My dog was walking at my side' or
'Don't worry I'll be at your side the whole time.'

'On your side' or alternatively 'on your end' is used when discussing location with respect to something like the world or the ocean or it could refer to sides in a game, competition or argument.

On your end can also be used when discussing things over the phone (your end of the line) or a business deal (your end of the deal/bargain)