Learn English – fix, comb your hair


I'm wondering how I can tell someone they need to comb their hair.

Come on Jay, fix that hair of yours before the meeting starts.

Mother and son coming into a bakery:

Jason, fix your hair now. It seems as if you were still asleep.

I don't even know if the word fix is suitable or common for this context.

The "Word" or "expression" I'm looking for is not fix though I want to know if it is correct.

I think comb would work but it's not the one I need right now.

The word that conveys the meaning I'm looking for is the spanish false cognate for Accommodate.

I know very well this is an English only forum, but I'm running out of ideas and there may be someone who has a little knowledge of Spanish to help me find this word.

Best Answer

As a Spanish speaker, I think the word you're looking for is "tidy."

"Accommodate" as the false cognate of "Acomodar" would not work because accommodate means to find an arrangement for something/someone that is suitable for the occasion, and "Acomodar" is to "tidy up, clean up, or arrange things so they are in a tidy presentation". Therefore:

Acomódate ese cabello, que parece que sigues dormido.
Tidy up that hair. You look like you're still asleep.

"Fix" would work as it is essentially the same in meaning as "arreglar", which is also in use in some Spanish-speaking countries when it comes to hair:

Fix your hair. The meeting is about to start.