Learn English – “From – Till” vs “From – To”


I read an experience letter which said

"So and so" person has worked from "date1" till "date2".

Is it okay? Or should it be like this?

"So and so" person has worked from "date1" to "date2".

Best Answer

Either construction is fine.

In my mind using to is preferable, but until or till are acceptable alternatives.

There are examples in literature:

God has worked from those beginnings until now
she has worked from ten o'clock at night until noon the next day
He has worked from four in the morning until late at night
has worked from 6 till now

Till and until are synonyms in this context. They mean "up to a specific point in time" (see: ODO). I would say that they are more likely to be found with simple (clock) times, rather than dates, but are not incorrect to use with dates.

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