Learn English – “Got promoted” vs. “Was promoted”


Should I use got or was in the sentence below?

Many years thereafter, he ... promoted to […]

This might be somewhat related to this question, but I'm not sure.


After reading some of the answers, I realize that I should have specified that I am writing a paragraph for a formal, business-related biography. If I would like to emphasize that the promotion was earned; would it be more natural to use got? I am asking, because people seem to perceive got as the less formal option, whereas, to me, was implies an "effortless" promotion.

To me, it becomes a debate of what I would like to emphasize:

"They promoted him because he deserved it." (Got)

"They promoted him because they had to." (Was)

Best Answer

I prefer "was promoted" and "got a promotion"; but "got promoted" is acceptable, although as already mentioned it sounds much less formal.

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