Learn English – Has the request “May I request you to …” to end with a question mark

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May I request you to kindly collect the brief?


May I request you to kindly collect the brief.

Which of the above two sentences is correctly punctuated?

Added afterwards:
This request is to be made to a very senior official. This request is meant to be a polite form of asking the official to do the task of collecting the brief. He, being a very senior official, could not be given a command; he can only be requested, where the request should be extra polite and he does not feel that he is being commanded.

Best Answer

You really have two problems. The first is a matter of punctuation, and as such this is a matter of style, so the answer to it will depend on what manual of style you use. Mine is the Chicago Manual of Style, which recommends that a request "courteously disguised as a quesiton" not be terminated with a question mark but a period. Thus

May I request you to kindly collect the brief.

The second problem is a social one. If you are writing in a culture that requires more attention be paid to politeness and hierarchy than is required in Chicago, then by all means replace the period with a question mark.