Learn English – “have dinner” vs. “have a dinner”


Hi I am a teacher of English in Argentina. I teach in 5 th grade ,primary school. I share the same grade with another teacher and I would like to be sure about certain points we teach differently. For example I teach verbs Have dinner , she teaches have a dinner. Which one is correct, both are accepted?

Best Answer

Both of them are correct. But yes, they do mean different. I feel that 'have a dinner' refers to event and 'have dinner' refers to actual supper someone(maybe speaker) going to have. For example, "We have a dinner planned at Joe's, hurry up!" showed that speaker has 'event of dinner' and "Have dinner son, we are camping out in lawn." showed that speaker is telling to his son to finish(start and finish) supper. I have used these words like this, maybe wrong.

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