Learn English – Holidays or holiday?


I'm getting confused on the usage of the words, holiday and holidays. When I want to say that I had a good holiday (or is it good holidays!?) with my family in Melbourne for 5 days, should I say:

Our holiday in Melbourne was great!

Or should I say:

Our holidays in Melbourne was great!

Best Answer

Either of these are fine:

  • Our holiday in Melbourne was great!
  • Our holidays in Melbourne were great!

The second implies you have spent more than one holiday period in Melbourne.

However, this is not good:

  • Our holidays in Melbourne was great!

There is a disagreement between the subject (plural) and verb (singular).

"Holidays" while normally a plural, can indeed be used to refer to a single period of holiday, though not usually in the context you've given. An example of this usage might be:

  • Are you going anywhere over the holidays?

In this case it refers to a period of time when holidays are widely being taken. For example, the period between two academic years (usually a gap of 6 weeks or so) when many families with school-aged children choose to take a holiday; or the Christmas/New Year period. (Though in Melbourne of course, these two coincide.)

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