Learn English – “How far” vs “How long”


I am not clear how to use "How long" and "How far". Suppose I got in a taxi or cab to my hotel, how should I say to the driver if I want to know the distance to the hotel? Which of the following is correct?

How far is it to the hotel?

How long is it to the hotel?

Then,if I need to know the time it will take to the hotel, may I say:

How long is it to the hotel?

Or are there any other more appropriate expressions for the above two scenarios?

Best Answer

Asking How far? suggests that you are interested in the distance. How long? suggests you are interested in the time the journey will take. A native speaker concerned about the latter might combine the two and say something like Is it far to the hotel? Can you give me any idea of how long it will take?

(To which the less than helpful answer in London might well be ‘Cor blimey, guv, ’ow long’s a piece of string? The traffic up round Hyde Park Corner’s murder this morning.’)