Learn English – How many different parts of speech can the f-word be used as


In an "interesting" thread of comments we began to look at the word fuck in several different uses. Most of them were interjections and verb uses as would be expected.

But, perhaps dialectally, the word can easily be used as a noun, and even an adjective.

I would like to see how many different parts of speech can the word fuck be used as in its unmodified form. (i.e. no fucking, fucked, etc.). Pluralization of noun or conjugation to fucks is the only acceptable variant.

The answer must provide real-world examples (i.e. no mere cramming of the word into a sentence and claiming it's an adverb!) And, I will even accept different verb types, adjectives, nouns, etc. (e.g. If you can find a grammatical way to use it as a helper verb, my hat is off to you.)

If you wish to get extra credit, then you can answer with some of the variants above, but only after you have made an answer per the above rules.

The winner should have both the most varied and interesting answers!

Just to make it clear, this is a word-game, and as such will be a bit broad or POB.

Best Answer

  • Noun: "Like fuck you will!."
    • Also, since this is contended: Hard as fuck or Yes, thank you, I'd love a fuck.
  • Pronoun: "I hit fuck-face over there with a baseball bat." (both cheating and plagiarizing @Joe but you said nothing about hyphenated forms)
  • Adjective: "He's fucked!"
  • Verb: "I love to fuck while eating duck."
  • Adverb: "It was fuck hard", yes, apparently it is used by some.
  • Conjunction: "I went swimming, fuck the cold." (as in, I went swimming despite the cold.)
  • Preposition: don't think it's possible.
  • Interjection: "Fuck! I was sure I could find a preposition!"

Extra brownie points (abandoning all pretense at seriousness):

  • Auxiliary verb:

    • progressive aspect : He fucking sleeping dude!
    • epistemic modality : Wikipedia's example of How dare you! could be expressed in a single Fuck!.