Learn English – How to change a passive sentence having transitive verb to active voice


Suppose take this sentence:

The door is opened

I am not very sure that it is in passive voice. But I think so.

I am struggling converting it into active voice.(If it is already in active voice, how to convert it into passive voice)

Please help me.

Best Answer

To be in the active voice, the sentence needs a definite subject. That is, you need to say who opens the door. If you don't know who does it, you could use:

Somebody opens the door.

Sentences like "the door is opened" can be parsed in two ways: as passive voice present tense, or with "opened" being an adjective and "is" a copular verb. This parsing can be made unambiguous in several ways; for example "the door is opened by remote control" can only be passive voice. One way to put this sentence into active voice is "you open the door by remote control".

For the second parsing, it's not in the passive voice, and in this case, the meaning is the same as

The door is open.

The verb "is" cannot be put into passive voice, because only transitive verbs can be put into passive voice.