Learn English – How to correctly abbreviate name


Please advice on how to correctly abbreviate name.

Which are grammatically correct? (if there are more correct forms please kindly add them as well)

NOTE, If there is no correct way, please point out the acceptable/common form.

Case 1

First Name and Last Name

Mr. John Smith

  1. Mr. John S
  2. Mr. John S.
  3. Mr. J Smith
  4. Mr. J. Smith
  5. Mr. JS
  6. Mr. J.S
  7. Mr. J. S
  8. Mr. J.S.
  9. Mr. J. S.

Case 2

First Name, Middle Name and Last Name

Mr. John Lamar Smith

  1. Mr. John L. Smith
  2. Mr. John L. S.
  3. Mr. John Lamar S.
  4. Mr. J. L. Smith
  5. Mr. J. Lamar Smith
  6. Mr. J. L. S.
  7. Mr. J.L.S.
  8. Mr. JLS

Thank You

Best Answer

(US English)

In Case 1, the only one that is both correct and common is #4.

In Case 2, the ones that are both correct and common are #1, #4, and #5.

However, you would never use #5 unless you knew that Mr. Smith likes to be referred to in this way. Some people adopt their middle name as their "handle", and downplay their given first name. Most do not.

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