Learn English – How to refer to someone who has access to an abundance of resources


From what I can gather, "resourceful" seems to refer more to someone who can use the available resources in efficient ways. I'm thinking more about someone who has lots of resources at hand (money, connections, information, etc.), but doesn't necessarily make good use of them. regardless of how well they use them.

  • edit:
    to clarify, I am not looking for a word describing someone who (purposely or not) makes wasteful use of the resources they have at hand. In fact, the use of the resources is irrelevant; I'm looking to describe only the existence (and abundance) of such resources.

  • edit 2: I was looking for something generic, to place in a sentence similar to: "when choosing the person to perform a task, one should take into account their skills, availability, and X", where X would ideally be "resourcefulness", but instead meaning something like "how good is their access to the relevant resources" (assuming resources could be various things, but mostly material and social).
    There doesn't seem to be a single term to define this, so despite many good answers, I'm afraid I'm going to have to go with "influential" (or, in the example sentence above, "influence").

Best Answer

For someone with money, "wealthy" is the obvious answer (and connotes various kinds of abundance).

For someone with social resources, "influential" or "well-connected." If you want to suggest that they don't often use these resources, but that people would do things for them if they asked, you might need a more specific term describing the nature of their standing, such as "respected," "popular," or "well-loved." If it's just because they're powerful, then maybe "powerful" or "important."

For someone with intellectual resources, a person who knows a lot of things might be "knowledgeable" or "widely-read," or they might be "a polymath," a "jack-of-all-trades," or a "renaissance man/woman." Or they could be "clever." "Clever" is sometimes used as a subtle insult (or as conspicuously faint praise) to refer to someone who has intelligence or problem-solving skills but uses them for trivial things.