Learn English – How to spell ‘ewww’ as in ‘ewww ahhh’


I was wondering how I should spell 'ewww' as in 'ewww ahhh':

Bob showed Jill his most impressive set of magic cards. Jill, impressed, said, 'ewwww[sp?] ahhhhhh.'


Best Answer

I think you are trying to spell "ooo":

Look at those fireworks! Ooo... ahh...

It can also be spelled with a trailing "h":

Oooh... look at those purses!

"Ewww" is just an elongated form of "ew":

  1. Expression of disgust or nausea. “Ew! There’s a fly in my soup.”

As for pronunciation, there is a subtle difference between the two. "Ooo" and "oooh" are pronounced like the vowel sound in "tool" or "fool". "Eww" sounds more like the vowel sound in "cute" with has an "ee+oo" diphthong.