Learn English – How to use the phrase “come doing” properly


How do you use the phrase 'come doing' properly?

On the one hand, 'come doing' means that someone comes for doing something. For example, "Why not come dancing tonight?". This sentence never means "someone comes as he/she is dancing". Lol.

On the other hand, 'come doing' can also mean that someone comes while doing something. For example, "She came crying and screaming". This sentence never means "she came for crying and screaming".

How do you use properly the different meanings of 'coming doing' form?

meta: I'm a non-native speaker of English.  

Best Answer

1 A stone came flying through the window.

In the combination of the verb to come + ing-form the ing-form describes the way. It it no indication of purpose.

2 In connection with outdoor and similar activites the ing-form is often used after to go/to come as in

A Why don't we go swimming.

B Come dancing this evening, Jane.

C yesterday we went sight-seeing.

(Longman English Grammar by Alexander, paragraph 16.43)

So you have to decide by context whether it is use 1 or use 2. But a stone doesn't come for a special activity.