Learn English – hypernym for debit/credit


I’m looking for a generic word that means “debit or credit”.

Say I have a transaction, and I don’t know whether it’s a debit on the account or a credit on the account, and I want to ask about it, is there a word I can use?

For example, if I were asking whether a book were green or blue, I would ask, “What’s its color?” If I ask whether a transaction was a debit or a credit, can I fill in the blank, “What’s its _?”

(Background: I’m looking to name a variable while programming, and the best I can come up with is type, which is not very descriptive).

Best Answer

I don't believe there's a single word that fits your request. In the ERP systems I've had access to, it's generally been referred to as Transaction Type (or Distribution Type, for AR and AP).