Learn English – I am looking for a word that means ‘learning how to learn’


I am looking for a word that means learning how to learn. I think it may be 'epistemic' or 'epistemological', but looking these up in the dictionary does not seem quite right.

The context is in a statement like this:

"But high school already teaches students how to use a library, and how to research on the Internet, or how to phrase questions to get the answer they are looking for. In fact, high school teaches these _______ skills in droves. High school doesn't need to teach skills like how to do taxes or cook spaghetti to prepare students for real life, when they should have all the resources they already need to learn those skills on their own when they need to."

Best Answer

In the given context, you could say the school teaches research skills:

Some examples of research skills that you may have include:

  • Report writing
  • Analysing lots of information from different sources
  • Finding information off the internet
  • Critical thinking

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Related is the idea of study skills which is more about studying information you already have than finding it.