Learn English – “I didn’t hear back from you about [something]” – Correct use


This is my first post.

Background: I applied for further studies, to one of collaborators lab and he replied with a very positive e-mail, asking about time to talk on phone. But after that I never received e-mail from him, so I am following up.

I am starting my response like this:

I am sure you are very busy, but I didn’t hear back from you about the
convenient time to further discuss xxx position in your lab.

But I am not sure if:
1) I can add "about …." after "I didn't hear back from you"? and
2) if its rude to mention that I haven't heard from you?

Your responses will help me use "didn't hear" correctly in future.


Best Answer

I don't think it's rude to mention not hearing back from someone. I do it all the time. Your wording looks fine to me (I'm not nitpicky)—but I would also mention (ask) if perhaps he didn't receive your email and that's why he hadn't responded. Emails get lost in cyberspace all the time.

You didn't specify if you sent an email response to him regarding the phone call scheduling. Assuming you did respond and are waiting to hear back, then what you're doing is not rude. It might be considered rude if you hadn't responded, as he is probably waiting for you to email him. If that is the case, you should apologize for the misunderstanding and move forward from there. It might be a little awkward, but not a big deal.