Learn English – Idiom for “dominate”


I'm looking for an idiom that means "dominate" and can be used in the following sentence:

Our team dominated from the beginning to the end.

Best Answer

In the context of contests, sporting or otherwise, this idiom springs to mind:

"Our team wiped the floor with them from beginning to end."

  • wipe the floor with: to ​defeat someone very ​easily:

    "I ​hear Italy ​beat France in the ​semifinals last ​night." "Beat them? They ​wiped the ​floor with them!"

Cambridge Dictionary

You could also say:

"we had them in the palm of our hand from beginning to end"

  • have in the palm of your hand: to have ​complete ​control over someone and to be ​able to make them do anything you ​want:

    He had the ​audience in the palm of his ​hand.

Cambridge Dictionary

Lastly, in Britain, there's an idiom which is commonly used in the circumstances of a contest:

"Our team thrashed them"

  • thrash: defeat heavily in a contest or match:

    I thrashed Pete at cards